our Vision & mission

Our Vision   -   A strong and vibrant community where children have the support, resources, and opportunities they need to achieve the life they want.

Our Mission   -   Milly’s Pantry fosters equal opportunity for success, self-sufficiency, and confidence for all Yates County children by providing nourishment and academic support. As Milly Bloomquist did, we believe in the inherent value and limitless potential of every child.


Bags of food distributed since 2008


School supplies distributed since 2010


Servicing children in Yates County since

It's Not Just About Backpacks

It never has been... it’s about hope in the eyes of a child.

Children who are happy and not in distress have been shown to improve their learning capacity and perform better in school. We believe that our intervention with the small tokens of kindness and love that fill every backpack, creates a lasting impact on a child who has limited support from their families.