You make our mission possible

Without the wonderful support and dedication from our amazing volunteers and donors, we wouldn’t have been able to provide ten years of service to the children in Yates County through our Weekend Back Pack Program and School Supplies Program. It started with one woman and her dedication and continues with one community and their compassion. Milly’s Pantry offers several volunteer opportunities through our programming and Main Street Milly’s Market & Café.


Milly’s Market & Café

Milly’s Market & Café (operation)


  • Greet customers
  • Assist shoppers
  • Serve lunches
  • Operate cash register

Milly’s Market & Café (management)


  • Help with inventory management/ordering
  • Help with consignment vendor relations

Milly’s Market & Café Building

  • Perform cleaning tasks (interior)
  • Perform minor exterior maintenance
    • (e.g. window washing, back deck upkeep)
  • Take on minor maintenance projects 
    • (e.g. painting, small repairs)
  • Participate in major repairs/improvements
  • Assist with renovation/construction


Milly’s Pantry Programs

Weekend BackPack Food Program

  • Pack BackPack packs (1 hour weekly)
  • Transport BackPack food and packs (requires truck or van)
  • Develop/implement survey to assess program success and additional needs

School Supplies Program

  • Inventory supplies
  • Communicate with schools 
  • Assist with supplies ordering
  • Organize for distribution (July/August)
  • Participate in distribution to students at schools (1 week mid-August)
  • Manage/participate in follow-on distribution at Pinwheel Market (August/September)
  • Develop/implement survey to assess program success and additional needs

Summer Food Program

  • Help manage/monitor program
  • Transport of packed lunches to sites (requires truck or van)

Extended School Day Program

  • Help plan/purchase ESD snacks
  • Transport ESD snacks to schools(requires truck or van)
  • Meet with school personnel to assess program success and additional needs

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