As many know, non-profits flourish on the continuous support from their community to help meet the needs of their mission. This is very much the case for Milly’s Pantry. As we do every year, donations of time, money and program supplies have been generously given by local donors and donors afar. Throughout the year Milly’s also raises its own funds through various fundraising efforts.

Every year Milly’s Pantry receives these unique donations raised by a variety of organizations, foundations, businesses, churches, individuals and even youth.

Our hearts grow with each donation and the style in which it is offered . The tremendous effort put forth by our community provides comfort that we are all meeting this mission together!


If you are interested in being a part of our Milly’s Pantry family and want to know how you can help us serve our mission we provide and accept a variety of donations.

  • Volunteer time– Our organization would not be where it is today if it were not for the self-less acts of so many individuals who have donated their time for programming, events or at Milly’s Market & Café. You can visit our ‘volunteers’ page under ‘Support’ to see some of the opportunities we have available.
  • Donate money– Milly’s Pantry graciously accepts monetary donations via paypal, check or cash drop-off at Milly’s Market & Café on 19 Main Street, Penn Yan, NY.
  • Donate supplies– Our Weekend Back Pack program accepts the following food donations: peanut butter, canned tuna and chicken, granola bars, real fruit strips, popcorn, individual packages of cereal and oatmeal, boxed rice and macaroni and cheese, canned pastas and vegetables, crackers. Please no perishable or glass items.